Kelly Clarkson debuts unexpected new hair transformation following recent appearance change

Kelly Clarkson is leaving the past in the past and embracing all things new, in every sense of the word!

The “Red Flag Collector” singer has been enjoying a fresh start, ever since moving cross country and kicking off the fifth season of her eponymous talk show from her new NBC studio in New York City.

Now, not only does she have a new home for her family and her show, she has a new look too.

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Kelly came back for the fifth season of her talk show having recently lost weight – which she recently addressed for the first time on-air – and now, she’s debuted a new hairdo as well.

During Monday’s installment of her show – which had The Vampire Diaries alum Ian Somerhalder and former Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones as guests – the former American Idol contestant showed off her new haircut: bangs.

Kelly looked fabulous with her long blonde hair now styled with wispy, straight across bangs, and she looked even more glamorous donning a cotton, black long-sleeve top with a boatneck neckline paired with a festive, gold pleated skirt.

Her fans were quick to share their stamp of approval for her new look in the comments section of The Kelly Clarkson Show’s official Instagram page, with one enthusiastically writing: “HERE FOR THE BANGS!!!!” as others followed suit with: “Incredible hair!!” and: “Look at my gorgeous Queen Kelly Clarkson just sneaking up on me with hot bangs,” as well as: “Kelly, I am digging the bangs!! You go girl!!” plus another one of her fans added: “I love your bangs, Kelly!”

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Kelly recently opened up about her new look and losing weight in a conversation on her show with Today Show star Jenna Bush Hager and her twin sister Barbara Bush.

Kelly recently moved her family and show to NYC

As she asked if the twins were often dressed the same as kids, Jenna lamented she no longer fits in her sister’s clothes, and Kelly in turn exclaimed: “I don’t fit into mine!”

She went on: “I love losing weight –” before Jenna interjected with: “Are you joking me?! You look amazing!” Kelly then clarified: “No wait, I love losing weight, but here’s the thing: jeans are so hard. I feel like jeans are so hard, when you have a butt…”

kelly clarkson red suit© Getty Images
The singer at an event in NYC in November

“Do you want me to take you jeans shopping?” Jenna then offered, though Kelly confessed: “I don’t want to go shopping,” to which Jenna ultimately countered with: “Should I do what I do for Hoda [Kotb] and send you some jeans?”

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kelly clarkson performing the kelly clarkson show© Getty
Kelly now films her show from Rockefeller Center

“Do you do that?!” Kelly exclaimed, amused, before adding: “I’m the worst. Jeans are so hard. Anyways… This is a first world problem.”

Though Kelly had previously shied away from addressing her recent weight loss, back in 2018, after losing a whopping 40 pounds, she credited Steven R. Gundry’s book The Plant Paradox for inspiring her to change her diet.

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