8 best high street jeans for women 2024: From the bestselling Marks & Spencer jeans to Topshop’s iconic Jamie jeans

Personal Stylist Helen Richardson gives her top tips for which jeans to choose if you have a curvy body type.

“When it comes to jeans for the summer, it’s essential to choose styles that are comfortable, breathable, and lightweight to feel confident no matter your dress size,” she says. “The fit and material is crucial. Avoid heavy, thick denim and go lighter in colour. Save your dark wash jeans for winter…

Here are some styles of jeans that work best for curvy ladies:

  1. Lightweight denim or chambray fabric. These materials are more breathable and allow for better air circulation, keeping you cool in hot weather.
  2. Cropped or ankle grazer jeans are perfect for summer. They provide a relaxed and casual look while allowing your ankles to breathe. Make sure the hem ends on the narrowest part of your lower leg, calves
  3. High-waisted jeans are a great option as they provide coverage and support, accentuating the waist and creating a flattering silhouette. Look for ‘Curvy Fit’ styles.
  4. Straight-leg jeans offer a classic and timeless style that complements various body shapes, providing a balanced and streamlined appearance.
  5. White jeans are a classic summer staple. They reflect sunlight and can help you feel cooler on hot days. Just make sure to choose thicker, high-quality white denim to avoid transparency issues and a straight or wide leg style – cropped, raw edge or ankle length. (Nude seamless [underwear] essential!!!) 😉
  6. Wide-leg or flared jeans provide a loose and flowy silhouette, which can be more comfortable during hot weather.
  7. Bootcut jeans have a slight flare at the hem, which balances out the curves and provides a more elongated look to the legs.
  8. Mom jeans have gained popularity for their relaxed fit and vintage-inspired look, and can be styled in various ways for a trendy summer outfit.

Look for jeans with some stretch or elastic content in the fabric as they offer better mobility and comfort during summer activities. Look for jeans with a balanced fit that accentuates your curves without being overly restrictive.

Ultimately, the best style of jeans for curvy women is the one that makes you feel confident and comfortable.”